Mummy ideas: Little Jar of Awesomeness

After my brain haemorrhage in 2013 I don't work, so I have all this free time to
come up with and try new parenting ideas. Here’s an incredibly simple idea: create
a Little Jar of Awesomeness

Shhhh, It is just a jam jar!!


It looks good, you don’t forget everyday memories and it's easy storage.

Even better, its great for building children's self esteem and feelings of self worth.

I got this idea from a radio show (although I can't remember the name) and thought
what a great/easy thing to do!

I got the children to design a label each to say "x 's Jar of Awesomeness " - well that's a
20 minute activity on its own!

I have plastic jars because I am completely paranoid about glass jam jars after a rather
traumatic experience. Basically, I spent/wasted an hour of my life clearing one up. If it
 took me over an hour pre - brain haemorrhage, just imagine how long it would take me

The idea is whenever they do anything awesome, I or they, write it d…

Anxiety & Me

I never thought I would have to worry about anxiety.

Stress and depression happened to other people. I'd seen it affect others but nope, not me.
 I was working in a high-pressure environment which l loved and I was completely ‘together”.

But after my brain haemorrhage in 2013, I started suffering really bad anxiety.

To be honest, I defy anyone to go through what I did with a young family and come out the
other end feeling completely fine.

 There are no two ways about it. The haemorrhage I suffered was BIG and I am incredibly
 lucky to be alive.

In fact I very nearly died and for six months afterwards I had to live with the fear (and trust me,
 I was terrified) that I could have another bleed without any notice and die.

That was until I chose (!) to have another (I’d already had several) very big and very scary brain
surgery where there was a substantial risk of death or further injury. 

As a mother to two young children, I spent the whole time trying to be brave. Hard doesn't…

The Most Embarrassing Phone Call I Ever Made

Those of you who have been through the process of getting a mortgage will know
 the importance of the whole ‘affordability’ thing. You know, when you present
 bank statements to the lender and show you can afford the money you want to
borrow; and that you’re not frittering your earnings away on too many take-aways,
clothes, posh cars or exotic holidays.

Anyway, I was thinking about what to write about next and I was reminded of what is
 possibly the worst phone call I’ve ever made. Just the memory of it makes me cringe.
 I can't believe I did it. It is so embarrassing!*

Basically around the age of 18, a Dogs Charity caught me at a hormonal moment. I saw
 a TV advert showing this poor cold and hungry dog – skinny, miserable and unloved
 and I felt compelled to help. Frankly, it must have been an amazing advert because the
truth is I am more of a cat person.

Fast forward 2 years and my now-husband was looking at my bank statements as we
prepared to apply for our first mortgage tog…

Disability Discrimination…. Strikes Again

I'm really torn: I want to tell you all about how life is as a newly disabled person, because although it can be depressing, in so many other ways it's surprising and interesting.
But I also don't want, and can’t afford, to depress myself by purposely thinking about all things that totally wind me up.
So, dear readers, I have decided I am going to list all the things that are winding me up at the moment but do so briefly and not dwell and not make myself cross! I have also written this post in several sittings to avoid REALLY winding myself up:

I haven't done a blog about discrimination for a while because I didn't want to come across as just whinging about my disabilities.

However, when things are done by other people or companies which actually make it even harder, it's already hard enough, there is a big problem. 
Disability can happen to anyone at anytime - as I found out. 

In her book, Discrimination Law, Sandra Fredman (second edition, 2010, Oxford University Pr…

I love Christmas updated

The Case of the Missing Shepherd

Every year I moan about the missing shepherd in our nativity scene. I bought it
 before I realised this travesty and it annoys me every year. My husband said I was
 insane to complain to the garden centre where I bought it, but you know what? I don’t
 understand why there wasn’t mass outrage over this.  I was calling them anyway.

You see, in our nativity scene, Joseph appears to moonlighting as the shepherd as well and
in my book that’s unfair. I mean, no-one else has a dual role. The year before last, my son
was a shepherd in the school nativity. I told him he didn't exist in our version!

Anyway, phoning up the garden centre wasn't the easiest of things. My speech has been affected
by the haemorrhage and I can be hard to understand at times. I had to repeat many times why
 I was complaining about the missing shepherd/dual-rolled Joseph.  I didn’t understand why
there wasn’t mass outrage about this.

The garden centre offered to take back the na…

Why I don’t ‘do’ anymore pets…

I should say right at the outset that 1. I DO like animals and 2. I am not in anyway a horrible person when it comes to animals (or anything else I like to think!).
I love my two house cats and would like a little dog when my children leave home (I have told my husband it's cheaper than a 3rd baby but he’s not convinced….yet!!)
However, I will not 'do' any more pets.
When I was 9ish I had a hamster called ‘Squeak’. Now, alas poor ‘Squeak’ didn't fare too well and as a general rule I think it's probably fair to say best not give hamsters baths…
Squeak survived quite a few ‘baths’ before he finally died. I should like to also point out that he passed on at a normal hamster-ish age and I has been explicitly told - by now that I look back on it not-a-necessarily-reliable-source - that I could bath him. 
Although I suppose the baths might not have helped, I’m glad to say he didn’t die immediately...killing my hamster would have really messed me up!!
Several years after Squeak’s …

The curse of October

I suggest you read my blog below about why I don't like October and why
 I was absolutely dreading it. 

However, I refuse to spend a whole month in hiding. I am therefore on a mission
 to make this October epic!

I have got lots of lovely things planned like coffee with a friend somewhere a bit
special, a catch up with a friend I haven't seen for ages and afternoon tea to name
but a few...

I am actually starting to look forward to it. Here's hoping for a good October.

October: my interesting and very stressful month both in 2017 & 2018

October 2017

Well they say things happen in 3’s - I had my son being unexpectedly admitted
 to hospital, my birthday and my sons MRI scan.

Basically my son has Childhood Absence Epilepsy and can fall over for no
apparent reason. Tiredness appears to be a trigger and we had a long journey
which set him off.

I took him to the doctors who promptly (and completely unexpectedly we left
half eaten sandwiches in the car) admitted him for observ…