Mummy ideas: give them a clipboard.

Mummy ideas:  give them a clipboard. Since my brain hemorrhage in 2013 I haven’t been able to return to work but I haven't minded too much as I had always seen the time at home as a complete gift – and even more so since I became ill (see my post ‘about me’ for the story). What mum can just spend all her day concentrating on herself and her family? Very few these days.   Ok, I do wish I were able to do all the things I used to be able to do, but I can't and I have had to accept that. I can assure you that wasn't easy to do! So I have had to find positives. And for me, the biggest positive is that I get to be at home with my children without feeling guilty. I hate being bored. As a result I have always spent my time coming up with educational activities for my children. Here’s a simple idea: give them a clipboard. Now, I love a good clipboard - I have always loved a good clipboard! When we go out for a walk, the children will often have their clipboards with them.

I provide diff…


I wouldn't have written this before because it would have just made me angry.
Well, I never thought I would have to face any discrimination, but I have!

Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes from the taxi driver for a disabled taxi charity (I am trialling this as I don't really need it but it's much cheaper…) who didn't want to speak to me, only to my PA, until I pointed out that I was quite capable of undertaking a journey unsupervised (well really!! He was very lucky I got in his taxi at all  - I was not impressed) to proper indirect or direct discrimination I have experienced them all.
The taxi driver really annoyed me and speaking to my PA she was rather shocked.  It is not ok to describe all disabled people as ‘these types of people’ gesturing at me when in context of saying ‘normally these types of people have a helper go with them'. He actually turned his back on me and talked to my PA. If it weren't for the fact I was going somewhere nice and I wasn…

About me

To understand me and the changes to mine and my families life you would have to know that pre brain hemorrhage/children I was a solicitor.
Before the brain hemorrhage I was a very active mum. I want to blog now because I hate being bored, I want to help other disabled young people - this is not a position you expect to be in in your 30’s (!) and I hope it will be interesting to others.
A bit about me:
I am 35 year old wife and mummy to a 9 & 7 year old.
I was going to go into lots of detail but suffice to say I had a big brain hemorrhage caused by an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) causing a stroke - type 'AVM' into a internet search engine if you are interested.
I was born with it and I could have had a bleed at anytime. Mine bled and now I spend all day/every day striving for 'a semblance of normality'... Yes, it was rubbish and yes, I wish it hadn't have happened but it did and there isn't anything I can do about it. I don't want to dwell on it, I just want to m…

Things that make my life easier/better: Walker

This amazing thing took me years to get used too as it's on wheels  (which felt like it always went too fast - I actually had weights in a bag to slow it right down) but now I feel quite confident on it. I have several indoor ones which are narrower and an outdoor one I can use in any weather.  Whilst it isn't great using anything it beats a wheelchair or zimmer frame.
I have independence with this unlike my wheelchair which I absolutely hate - I love the fact I am in control and I'm not reliant on somebody else pushing me. To be perfectly honest and vain, I also hated how a zimmer frame looked - I wouldn't have gone out in public with it. Each time I used it  I used think ‘really…’ I was 30 + using something designed for a 80+ year old.
The NHS walkers also look terrible  (there is a theme the zimmer frame was from them - I have written
to my local MP to complain that everything on the local Stroke Unit is set up for old people).
Well honestly, would you want to use somethin…

Mummy ideas: busy bags

Now I couldn't really decide what to write about after the last post - my mummy ideas didn't seem exciting enough!
Whilst this isn't exciting it's absolutely necessary on days out or to kill boredom instead of the dreaded PlayStation (which is my nemesis- the other day my son didn't even say hello to me before asking if he could play….Obviously no!)
Have I mentioned how much I hate computers?! I'll do a separate post ranting about the joys of technology to today's parents. My children use computers etc because in this day/age they have too plus when I need an hour or so, they are very useful babysitters (anyone who says they never use it for this reason is lying.) I know screen time is a contentious issue…for my husband - it isn't using it as a babysitter if, as you do, you play with them! However,  to bust boredom or when we go out these are good.
There is a different activity in every pencil case so there is still an element of choice. What I like is yo…

All things crutches

I am not an expert on all things crutches related as I haven't done the 10,000 hours they say make you a expert but with my 3,650+ hours of physio I’m getting there!  Over the years, I have tried lots of different types of crutches with different feet and arm grips - I bet you didn't even know you could get different types but you can.... Forearm v’s underarm, the European preference of an open cuff v's U.K. preference of closed cuff - it's a whole new world!!

Given my extensive experience you could be mistaken for thinking I use these regularly. Nope, after 4.5 years of practice the elusive crutches remains a dream- one that I continue to work towards and get better at - but still a dream.

I remember thinking when I first got them ‘I can go to the Noodle Bar for my birthday on these’ - that was 4 years ago, I have never been to the Noodle Bar on my crutches and nor would I want too... they do take out!

The boring bit - unfortunately the AVM that burst was in my cerebe…

Things that make my life easier/better: smart home

I could write a book about how to have and use a smart home properly but having a range
of amazing gadgets has simply changed my life.

I  can make a shopping list, turn lights and the TV on/ off (incredibly useful- although this
makes me a ‘mean mummy’ apparently), I have reminders for everything and can use it
is a 2 way intercom.

I think any disabled or not disabled person  would find this useful and I think everyone should
have one. I have this in 5 rooms - I have ‘Alexa’ but any home organising gadget would do but
I can only talk about what I have…

My top tips:


You have to be a bit clever with this. My morning routine is organised by Alexa through reminders:

 7am it says ‘good morning’  (in a different language alĺ week because I am mental).
7.10am it says ‘Please get dressed,  brush your hair, make your beds, open the curtains and put
your bottle in the bathroom’
7.20am ‘Dressed, hair, bed, curtains and bottle? Please put mummy in a good mood’
7.35am (downstairs in the lounge)’D…